Basic auth test, is it working at all?

      auth test

        "ok": true,
        "url": "",
        "team": "dblock",
        "user": "api",
        "team_id": "T04KB5WQH",
        "user_id": "U0HPMN0GY"

You can pipe a JSON parser, for example find your team ID.

      auth test | $.team_id

See jsonpath for detailed syntax.

Find out the ID of the #general channel, the easy way.

      channels id --channel=#general

        "ok": true,
        "channel": {
          "id": "C04KB5X4D"
Or the hard way.
      channels list | $..[?("general")].id


Post a message into the #general channel.

      chat postMessage --as_user=true --text="Hello World" --channel=#general

        "ok": true,
        "channel": "C04KB5X4D",
        "ts": "1453587435.000047",
        "message": {
          "type": "message",
          "user": "U07518DTL",
          "text": "Hello",
          "ts": "1453587435.000047"

Get names of all unarchived channels.

      channels list | $..[?(@.is_archived==false)].name


Get help.



      api        - Api methods.
      auth       - Auth methods.
      channels   - Get info on your team's Slack channels, create or archive channels, invite users, set the topic and purpose, and mark a channel as read.
      chat       - Post chat messages to Slack.
      dnd        - Adjust and view Do Not Disturb settings for team members
      emoji      - Emoji methods.
      files      - Get info on files uploaded to Slack, upload new files to Slack.
      groups     - Get info on your team's private channels.
      help       - Shows a list of commands or help for one command
      im         - Get info on your direct messages.
      mpim       - Get info on your multiparty direct messages.
      oauth      - Oauth methods.
      pins       - Pins methods.
      reactions  - Reactions methods.
      rtm        - Rtm methods.
      search     - Search your team's files and messages.
      stars      - Stars methods.
      team       - Team methods.
      usergroups - Get info on your team's user groups.
      users      - Get info on members of your Slack team.
Most commands require subcommands, get help for a specific command.
      help chat


      chat - Post chat messages to Slack.


      slack [global options] chat delete
      slack [global options] chat postMessage [--as_user arg] [--icon_emoji arg] [--icon_url arg] [--unfurl_links arg] [--unfurl_media arg] [--username arg]
      slack [global options] chat update [--attachments arg] [--channel arg] [--link_names arg] [--parse arg] [--text arg] [--ts arg]


      delete      - This method deletes a message from a channel.
      postMessage - This method posts a message to a public channel, private group, or IM channel.
      update      - This method updates a message in a channel.

If you have any questions or concerns, please message @dblockdotorg on Twitter or e-mail dblock[at]dblock[dot]org.